We all  have a story or something to write about. some of us never get the chance of being published.
However, we settle for keeping our written work in our desk drawer.

I was someone like that until i decided to pursue my dreams and goals.
writing, editing and proofreading until i had the perfect script.
then finally taking my work to the publisher.

without any knowledge of publishing, i tried different publishing houses, until i found one affordable for me.
My publishing advisor, was so sweet and trustworthy.
he walked me through each publishing process.
before long i was holding the perfect copy of my book.
then went on to writing more books.
My books were sold worldwide.
The door opened to proofreading and editing other peoples work.
helping new writers to get published.
i enjoyed every moment.

I love helping people.
At present i am still assisting people, if you would like to get published, have anything to be edited or proofread, then feel free to contact me